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Info for "A review of progress on nano-aperture VCSEL"

Author: Zhilong Rao, Sonny Vo, and James S. Harris
Reference Type: Journal Article
Link: Click Here
Year Published: 2008

Journal: Chinese Optics Letters, Volume 6, Issue 10
Pages: 748-754
Abstract: This paper reviews the progress on nano-aperture vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). The design, fabrication, and polarization control of nano-aperture VCSELs are reviewed. With the nano-aperture evolving from conventional circular and square aperture to unique C-shaped, H-shaped, I-shaped, and bowtie-shaped aperture, both the near-field intensity and near-field beam confinement from nano-aperture VCSELs are significantly improved. As a high-intensity compact light source with sub-100-nm spot size, nano-aperture VCSELs are promising to realize many new near-field optical systems and applications.


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