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  • G. N. Nasserbakht, J. W. Adkisson, T. I. Kamins, B. A. Wooley, and J. S. Harris, Jr., "A Monolithically Integrated Fiber-Optic Front-End Receiver in GaAs on Si Technology," Symposium VLSI Circuits, Maui, HI (1989). [more info]

  • J. S. Harris, "Application of Resonant Tunneling Diodes," University of California (San Diego), San Diego, CA (1989). [more info]

  • K. L. Lear, W. S. Lee, and J. S. Harris, Jr., "Experimental Dependence of Resonant Tunnel Diode Current on Accumulation Layer Band Profiles," 47th Annual Device Research Conference, MIT, Cambridge, MA (1989). [more info]

  • J. S. Harris, "From Bloch Function to Quantum Wells," Felix Bloch Memorial Symposium, Stanford University (1989). [more info]

  • J. S. Harris, "GaAs - Will It Always be the MATERIAL of the FUTURE?," Sunrise Venture Capital Club, Stanford, CA (1989). [more info]

  • J. S. Harris, "Growth of High Tc Superconductors by MBE," AGARD Workshop, Trondheim, Norway (1989). [more info]

  • B. G. Park, E. Wolak, K. L. Lear, and J. S. Harris, Jr., "Improved Vertically Integrated Resonant Tunneling Diodes," International Electron Device Meeting, Washington, D.C. (1989). [more info]

  • "J. S. Harris," Optoelectronics at Stanford, University of Florida (1989). [more info]

  • J. S. Harris, "MBE Technology and High Speed Electronics," AGARD Workshop, Trondheim, Norway (1989). [more info]

  • J. M. Owens and D. J. Halchin (Santa Clara University) and K. L. Lear, W. S. Lee, and J. S. Harris Jr., "Microwave Characteristics of MBE Grown Resonant Tunneling Devices," 1989 IEEE/MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, Long Beach, CA (1989). [more info]


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