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  • K. Bacher, B. Pezeshki, S. M. Lord and J. S. Harris, "Molecular Beam Epitaxy Growth of Vertical Cavity Optical Devies with In-Situ Corrections," Applied Physics Letters, 61(12), 1387-1389 (1992). [more info]

  • T. B. Boykin and J. S. Harris, "X-valley tunneling in single AlAs barriers," Journal of Applied Physics, 72(3), 988-92 (1992). [more info]

  • T. B. Boykin, B. Pezeshki and J. S. Harris, "Anti-resonances in the Transmission of a Simple Two-State Model," Physical Review B, 46(19), 12769-12772 (1992). [more info]

  • I. Bozovic, J. H. Kim, J. S. Harris, E. S. Hellman, E. H. Hartford and P. K. Chan, "Free-charge-carrier plasmons in Ba{sub 1-x}K{sub x}BiO{sub 3}: a close relation to cuprate superconductors," Physical Review B (Condensed Matter), 46(2), 1182-7 (1992). [more info]

  • D. Costa and J. S. Harris, "Low-frequency noise properties of N-p-n AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors," IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 39(10), 2383-94 (1992). [more info]

  • D. Costa and J. S. Harris, "LOW-FREQUENCY NOISE CHARACTERIZATION OF NPN ALGAAS/GAAS HETEROJUNCTION BIPOLAR-TRANSISTORS," Institute of Physics Conference Series(120), 323-328 (1992). [more info]

  • W. S. Fu, J. S. Harris, R. Binder, S. W. Koch, J. F. Klem and G. R. Olbright, "Nonlinear optical properties and ultrafast response of GaAs-AlAs type-II quantum wells," IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 28(10), 2404-15 (1992). [more info]

  • W. S. Fu, G. R. Olbright, J. F. Klem and J. S. Harris, "Optical gain and ultrafast nonlinear response in GaAs/AlAs type-II quantum wells," Applied Physics Letters, 61(14), 1661-3 (1992). [more info]

  • H. Ito and J. S. Harris, "InGaAs double heterojunction bipolar transistors grown on GaAs substrates," Electronics Letters, 28(7), 655-6 (1992). [more info]

  • H. Ito, O. Nakajima, T. Furuta and J. S. Harris, "Influence of dislocations on the DC characteristics of AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors," IEEE Electron Device Letters, 13(5), 232-4 (1992). [more info]


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