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  • Y. C. Pao and J. S. Harris, "," IEEE Electron Device Letters, 13(10), 535-537 (1992). [more info]

  • S. M. Lord, B. Pezeshki, S. D. Kim and J. S. Harris, Jr., "1.3 Ám Exciton Resonances in InGaAs Quantum Wells Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Using a Slowly Graded Buffer Layer," Seventh International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Schwabish Gmund, Germany (1992). [more info]

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  • W. Liu, D. Costa and J. S. Harris, "A simplified model for the distributed base contact impedance in heterojunction bipolar transistors," Solid-State Electronics, 35(4), 547-52 (1992). [more info]

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  • W. Liu, C. Dai and J. S. Harris, "An advantage of Pnp over Npn AlGaAs/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for Microwave Power Application," Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 31(L452-4) (1992). [more info]

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  • W. Liu, C. Dai and J. S. Harris, "Contact Impedance in Heterojunction Biopolar Transistors," Solid State Electronics, 35, 547-552 (1992). [more info]

  • W. Liu and J. S. Harris, "Current dependence of base-collector capacitance of bipolar transistors," Solid-State Electronics, 35(8), 1051-7 (1992). [more info]


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