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  • E. L. Martinet, G. L. Woods, H. C. Chui, J. S. H. Jr., M. M. Fejer, C. W. Rella and B. A. Richman, "Free-electron laser nonlinear spectroscopy of doubly resonant (5.5-3.0um and 4.1-2.1 um)InGaAs/AlGaAs asymmetric quantum wells," (1994). [more info]

  • B. J. Vartanian and J. S. H. Jr., "Normal-incidence intersubband hole absorption in In[sub 0.5]Ga[sub 0.5]As/Al[sub 0.45]Ga[sub 0.55]As quantum wells," (1994). [more info]

  • G. G. Zhou, A. Fischer-Colbrie and J. S. H. Jr., "I-V Kink in InAlAs/InGaAs MODFETs due to Weak Impact Ionization Process in the InGaAs Channel," , Proc. of the 6th International Conference on InP and Related Materials, Santa Barbara, CA (1994). [more info]


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