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  • K. Bacher and J. S. Harris, Jr., "A Wet Etching Technique for Accurate Etching of GaAs/AlAs Distributed Bragg Reflectors," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 142(7), 2386-2388 (1995). [more info]

  • D. J. Bone, H. Lee, K. Williams, J. S. Harris and R. F. W. Pease, "CHARACTERIZATION OF IN-SITU VARIABLE-ENERGY FOCUSED ION BEAM/MBE MQW STRUCTURES," Compound Semiconductors 1994(141), 359-362 (1995). [more info]

  • H. C. Chui, G. L. Woods, M. M. Fejer, E. L. Martinet and J. S. Harris, "TUNABLE MIDINFRARED GENERATION BY DIFFERENCE-FREQUENCY MIXING OF DIODE-LASER WAVELENGTHS IN INTERSUBBAND INGAAS/ALAS QUANTUM-WELLS," Applied Physics Letters, 66(3), 265-267 (1995). [more info]

  • R. M. Clarke, I. H. Chan, C. M. Marcus, C. I. Duruoz, J. S. Harris, K. Campman and A. C. Gossard, "Temperature dependence of phase breaking in ballistic quantum dots," Physical Review B (Condensed Matter), 52(4), 2656-9 (1995). [more info]

  • C. I. Duruoz, R. M. Clarke, C. M. Marcus and J. S. Harris, "Conduction threshold, switching, and hysteresis in quantum dot arrays," Physical Review Letters, 74(16), 3237-40 (1995). [more info]

  • J. W. Eldredge, K. M. Matney, M. S. Goorsky, H. C. Chui and J. S. Harris, "Effect of substrate miscut on the structural properties of InGaAs linear graded buffer layers grown by molecular-beam epitaxy on GaAs," Proceedings of the 14th North American Conference on Molecular-Beam Epitaxy; Oct 10-12 1994; Urbana, IL, USA, 13(2), 689-91 (1995). [more info]

  • L. E. Eng, K. Bacher, W. Yuen, M. Larson, G. Ding, J. S. Harris and C. J. Changhasnain, "Wavelength shift in vertical cavity laser arrays on a patterned substrate," Electronics Letters, 31(7), 562-3 (1995). [more info]

  • L. E. Eng, K. Bacher, W. P. Yuen, J. S. Harris and C. J. Changhasnain, "Multiple-wavelength vertical cavity laser arrays on patterned substrates," IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 1(2), 624-8 (1995). [more info]

  • L. E. Eng, K. Toh, K. Bacher, J. S. Harris and C. J. Changhasnain, "Periodic mode shift in vertical cavities grown by molecular beam epitaxy," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 7(3), 235-7 (1995). [more info]

  • S. D. Kim, H. Lee and J. S. Harris, "Interface smoothing of high indium content InGaAs layers on GaAs," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 142(5), 1667-1670 (1995). [more info]


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