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  • C. W. Coldren, S. G. Spruytte, J. S. Harris and M. C. Larson, "Group III nitride-arsenide long wavelength lasers grown by elemental source molecular beam epitaxy," Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 18(3), 1480-1483 (2000). [more info]

  • Y. Gotoh, K. Matsumoto, V. Bubanja, F. Vazquez, T. Maeda and J. S. Harris, "Experimental and simulated results of room temperature single electron transistor formed by atomic force microscopy nano-oxidation process," Solid State Devices and Materials. 1999 International Conference, 21-24 Sept. 1999, Tokyo, Japan, 39(4), 2334-7 (2000). [more info]

  • J. S. Harris, "Tunable long-wavelength vertical-cavity lasers: the engine of next generation optical networks?," IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 6(6), 1145-60 (2000). [more info]

  • P. Krispin, S. G. Spruytte, J. S. Harris and K. H. Ploog, "Electrical depth profile of p-type GaAs/Ga(As, N)/GaAs heterostructures determined by capacitance-voltage measurements," Journal of Applied Physics, 88(7), 4153-8 (2000). [more info]

  • H. L. Kung, D. A. B. Miller, P. Atanackovic, C. C. Lin, J. S. Harris, L. Carraresi, J. E. Cunningham and W. Y. Jan, "Wavelength monitor based on two single-quantum-well absorbers sampling a standing wave pattern," Applied Physics Letters, 76(22), 3185-7 (2000). [more info]

  • M. C. Larson, C. W. Coldren, S. G. Spruytte, H. E. Petersen and J. S. Harris, "Low-threshold oxide-confined GaInNAs long wavelength vertical cavity lasers," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 12(12), 1598-600 (2000). [more info]

  • C. C. Lin, W. Martin, J. S. Harris and F. Sugihwo, "Optical gain and collector current characteristics of resonant-cavity phototransistors," Applied Physics Letters, 76(9), 1188-1190 (2000). [more info]

  • E. Mao, D. R. Yankelevich, C. C. Lin, O. Solgaard, A. Knoesen and J. S. Harris, "Wavelength-selective semiconductor in-line fibre photodetectors," Electronics Letters, 36(6), 515-16 (2000). [more info]


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