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  • James S. Harris, "New Spintronics Materials: The Road to Room Temperature Operation," Intel Spintronics Symposium, Hillsboro, OR (2006). [more info]

  • Yu-Hsuan Kuo, David A. B. Miller, James S. Harris, "Germanium electroabsorption devices on silicon for optical interconnects," SPIE-Photonics West, San Jose, CA (2006). [more info]

  • Zhilong Rao, Joseph A. Matteo, Lambertus Hesselink, and James S. Harris, "A C-shaped nano-aperture vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser for ultrahigh-density optical data storage," SPIE-Photonics West, San Jose, CA (2006). [more info]

  • O. Levi, W. Suh, M.M. Lee, J. Zhang, S.R.J. Brueck, S. Fan, J.S. Harris, "Integrated biomedical nanosensor using guided resonance in photonic crystal structures," SPIE - Photonics West, San, Jose, CA (2006). [more info]

  • H.B. Yuen, S.R. Bank, M.A. Wistey, J.S. Harris, "Growth and Characterization of Dilute Nitride Antimonides for Long-Wavelength and Mid-IR Optoelectronics," Palo Alto Research Center Colloquium, Palo Alto, CA (2006). [more info]

  • O. Levi, T. Lee, M.M. Lee, J.S. Harris, "Integrated Semiconductor Bio-Sensors for In Vivo Cellular and Neural Imaging," OSA Biomedical Optics Conference 2006 (2006). [more info]

  • S.R. Bank, H.P. Bae, H.B. Yuen, L.L. Goddard, M.A. Wistey, T. Sarmiento, J.S. Harris, "Low-Threshold CW 1.55-mm GaAs-Based Lasers," 2006 Optical Fiber Communication Conf. (OFC), Anaheim, CA (2006). [more info]

  • James S. Harris, "Dilute Nitride Lasers and Photodetectors," 2006 Optical Fiber Communication Conf. (OFC), Anaheim, CA (2006). [more info]

  • James S. Harris, "Spintronics: What Works? What are the Challenges?," MARCO Interconnect Focus Center Workshop, Stanford University, Stanford, CA (2006). [more info]

  • James S. Harris, Y.H. Kuo, Y.-K Lee, Y. Ge, S. Ren, J. Roth, G. Solomon, T. Kamins, D. A. B. Miller, "Ge-SiGe Quantum Well Photonic Devices," Spring 2006 Materials Research Symposium (MRS), San Francisco, CA (2006). [more info]


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