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  • S. R. Bank, H. P. Bae, H. B. Yuen, M. A. Wistey, L. L. Goddard and J. S. Harris, "Room-temperature continuous-wave 1.55 mu m GaInNAsSb laser on GaAs," Electronics Letters, 42(3), 156-7 (2006). [more info]

  • S. R. Bank, H. B. Yuen, H. Bae, M. A. Wistey and J. S. Harris, "Overannealing effects in GaInNAs(Sb) alloys and their importance to laser applications," Applied Physics Letters, 88(22), 221115-1 (2006). [more info]

  • S. R. Bank, H. B. Yuen, H. Bae, M. A. Wistey, A. Moto and J. S. Harris, "Enhanced luminescence in GaInNAsSb quantum wells through variation of the arsenic and antimony fluxes," Applied Physics Letters, 88(24), 241923 (2006). [more info]

  • S. E. Bisson, T. J. Kulp, O. Levi, J. S. Harris and M. M. Fejer, "Long-wave IR chemical sensing based on difference frequency generation in orientation-patterned GaAs," Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, 85(2-3), 199-206 (2006). [more info]

  • H. V. Demir, F. H. Koklu, M. B. Yairi, J. S. Harris and D. A. B. Miller, "Optoelectronic switches based on diffusive conduction," Journal of Applied Physics, 100(4), 043107 (2006). [more info]

  • O. Fidaner, H. V. Demir, V. A. Sabnis, J. F. Zheng, J. S. Harris and D. A. B. Miller, "Integrated photonic switches for nanosecond packet-switched optical wavelength conversion," Optics Express, 14(1), 361-368 (2006). [more info]

  • J. Fu, Y. Xiaojun, Z. Bingyang and J. S. Harris, "Compact standing-wave Fourier-transform interferometer with harmonic spectral analysis," Proceedings of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 6079(1), 60791o-1 (2006). [more info]

  • J. X. Fu, X. J. Yu, B. Y. Zhang and J. S. Harris, "Standing-wave fourier transform interferometer with an HPT," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 18(1), 40-42 (2006). [more info]

  • N. Goel, P. Majhi, C. O. Chui, W. Tsai, D. Choi and J. S. Harris, "InGaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors with HfO{sub 2} gate dielectric grown by atomic-layer deposition," Applied Physics Letters, 89(16), 163517-1 (2006). [more info]

  • F. Hatami, S. M. Kim, H. B. Yuen and J. S. Harris, "InSb and InSb:N multiple quantum dots," Applied Physics Letters, 89(13), 133115-1 (2006). [more info]


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