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  • R. Kudrawiec, H. B. Yuen, M. Motyka, M. Gladysiewicz, J. Misiewicz, S. R. Bank, H. P. Bae, M. A. Wistey and J. S. Harris, "Contactless electroreflectance of GaInNAsSb/GaAs single quantum wells with indium content of 8%--32%," Journal of Applied Physics, 101(1), 013504-9 (2007). [more info]

  • O. Levi, M. M. Lee, J. Zhang, V. Lousse, S. R. J. Brueck, S. Fan and J. S. Harris, "Sensitivity analysis of a photonic crystal structure for index-of-refraction sensing," , Nanoscale Imaging, Spectroscopy, Sensing, and Actuation for Biomedical Applications IV, San Jose, CA, USA (2007). [more info]

  • O. Levi, T. T. Lee, M. M. Lee, S. J. Smith and J. S. Harris, "Integrated semiconductor optical sensors for cellular and neural imaging," Appl. Opt., 46(10), 1881-1889 (2007). [more info]

  • O. Levi, M. M. Lee, J. Zhang, V. Lousse, S. R. J. Brueck, S. Fan and J. S. Harris, "Optical Characterization and Sensitivity Evaluation of Guided-Resonances in Photonic Crystal Slabs for Biosensing Applications," , Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference and Photonic Applications Systems Technologies (2007). [more info]

  • "Compact Semiconductor Bioluminescence Bio-sensors," , Laser Science (2007). [more info]

  • M. M. Oye, D. Shahrjerdi, I. Ok, J. B. Hurst, S. D. Lewis, S. Dey, D. Q. Kelly, S. Joshi, T. J. Mattord, X. Yu, M. A. Wistey, J. S. Harris Jr, A. L. Holmes Jr, J. C. Lee and S. K. Banerjee, "Molecular-beam epitaxy growth of device-compatible GaAs on silicon substrates with thin (~ 80 nm) Si[sub 1 - x]Ge[sub x] step-graded buffer layers for high-kappa III-V metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor applications," (2007). [more info]

  • Z. Rao, L. Hesselink and J. S. Harris, "High transmission through ridge nano-apertures on Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers," Opt. Express, 15(16), 10427-10438 (2007). [more info]

  • Z. Rao, L. Hesselink and J. S. Harris, "High-intensity bowtie-shaped nano-aperture vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser for near-field optics," Opt. Lett., 32(14), 1995-1997 (2007). [more info]

  • Z. Rao, J. A. Matteo, L. Hesselink and J. S. Harris, "High-intensity C-shaped nanoaperture vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with controlled polarization," Applied Physics Letters, 90(19), 191110-3 (2007). [more info]

  • J. E. Roth, O. Fidaner, R. K. Schaevitz, Y.-H. Kuo, T. I. Kamins, J. S. Harris and D. A. B. Miller, "Optical modulator on silicon employing germanium quantum wells," Opt. Express, 15(9), 5851-5859 (2007). [more info]


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