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  • J. Pan, S. Sandhu, Y. Huo, N. Stuhrmann, M. Povinelli, J. S. Harris, M. M. Fejer, S. Fan, "Experimental demonstration of an all-optical analogue to the superradiance effect in an on-chip photonic crystal resonator system," Phys. Rev. B, 81(4), 041101-1-3 (2010). [more info]

  • Y. Rong, Y. Ge, Y. Huo, M. Fiorentino, M. R. T. Tan, T. I. Kamins, T, J. Ochalski, G. Huyet, J. S. Harris Jr, "Quantum-Confined Stark Effect in Ge/SiGe Quantum Wells on Si," IEEE J. Select. Topics Quan. Electron, 16(1), 85-92 (2010). [more info]

  • R. Kudrawiec, T. Sarmiento, P. Poloczek, J. Misiewicz, James S. Harris, "Photoreflectance and photoluminescence study of GaInNAsSb layers lattice matched to InP," J. Appl. Phys., 107, 043523-1-6 (2010). [more info]

  • Seongjae Cho, Shinichi O’uchi, Kazuhiko Endo, Sang Wan Kim, Younghwan Son, In Man Kang, Meishoku Masahara, James S. Harris, Jr., and Byung-Gook Park, "Rigorous Design of 22-nm Node 4-Terminal SOI FinFETs for Reliable Low Standby Power Operation with Semi-empirical Parameters," Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science, 10(4), 265-275 (2010). [more info]

  • B. Ellis, T. Sarmiento, M. Mayer, B. Zhang, J. S. Harris, E. Haller, and J. Vuckovic, "Electrically pumped photonic crystal nanocavity light sources using a laterally doped p-i-n junction," Appl. Phys. Lett., 96, 181103 (2010). [more info]

  • Y. Gong, B. Ellis, G. Shambat, T. Sarmiento, J. S. Harris, and J. Vuckovic, "Nanobeam photonic crystal cavity quantum dot laser," Opt. Express, 18, 781-779 (2010). [more info]


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