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  • Hai Lin, Robert Chen, Weisheng Lu, Yijie Huo, Theodore I. Kamins, and James S. Harris, "Investigation of the direct band gaps in Ge1−xSnx alloys with strain control by photoreflectance spectroscopy," Applied Physics Letters, 100, 102109 (2012). [more info]

  • Yijie Huo, Hai Lin, Robert Chen, Yiwen Rong, Theodore I. Kamins and James S. Harris, "MBE growth of tensile-strained Ge quantum wells and quantum dots," Front. Optoelectron. Chin., 5(1), 112-116 (2012). [more info]

  • Peter G. Schunemann, Lee Mohnkern, Alice Vera, Xiaoping S. Yang, Angie C. Lin, James S Harris, Vladimir Tassev, and Michael Snure, "All-epitaxial Growth of Orientation-patterned Gallium Phosphide (OPGaP)," Tech. Dig. OSA Lasers, Sources, and Related Photonic Devices (2012). [more info]

  • Seongjae Cho, Hyungjin Kim, Min-Chul Sun, In Man Kang, Byung-Gook Park, and James S. Harris, Jr., "Simulation study on scaling limit of silicon tunneling field-effect transistor under tunneling-predominance," IEICE Electronics Express, 9(9), 828-833 (2012). [more info]

  • Lele Wang, Keith Mathieson, Theodore I. Kamins, James Loudin, Ludwig Galambos, James S. Harris and Daniel Palanker, "Photovoltaic retinal prosthesis for restoring sight to the blind: implant design and fabrication," Proc. SPIE, 8248 (2012). [more info]

  • D. Liang, Y. Huo, Y. Kang, K. X. Wang, A. Gu, M. Tan, Z. Yu, S.Li, J. Jia, X. Bao, S. Wang, Y. Yao, S. Fan, Y. Cui, J. S. Harris, "GaAs Thin Film Nanostructure Arrays for III-V Solar Cell Applications," Proceedings of SPIE, 8269 (2012). [more info]

  • R. K. Schaevitz, E. H. Edwards, J. E. Roth, E. Fei, Y. Rong, P. Wahl, T. I. Kamins, J. S. Harris, and D. A. B. Miller, "Simple Electroabsorption Calculator for Designing 1310 nm and 1550 nm Modulators Using Germanium Quantum Wells," IEEE J. Quantum Electron., 48(2), 187-197 (2012). [more info]

  • Hai Lin, Robert Chen, Yijie Huo, Theodore I. Kamins, James S. Harris, "Low-temperature growth of Ge1 − xSnx thin films with strain control by molecular beam epitaxy," Thin Solid Films, 520(11), 3927-3930 (2012). [more info]

  • Shen Ren, Yiwen Rong, S. A. Claussen, R. K. Schaevitz, T. I. Kamins, J. S. Harris, D. A. B. Miller, "Ge/SiGe Quantum Well Waveguide Modulator Monolithically Integrated With SOI Waveguides," IEEE Photon. Techn. Lett., 24(6), 461-463 (2012). [more info]

  • Hai Lin, Robert Chen, Weisheng Lu, Yijie Huo, Theodore I. Kamins, James S. Harris, "Structural and optical characterization of SixGe1-x-ySny alloys grown by molecular beam epitaxy," Appl. Phys. Lett, 100(14), 141908-1-3 (2012). [more info]


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