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  • Mandel, Y., Goetz, G., Lavinsky, D., Huie, P. Mathieson, K., Wang, L. L., Kamins, T., Galambos, L., Manivanh, R., Harris, J., Palanker, D., "Cortical responses elicited by photovoltaic subretinal prostheses exhibit similarities to visually evoked potentials," Nature Comm., 4, 1980 (2013). [more info]

  • Li, S., Harrison, S. E., Huo, Y., Pushp, A., Yuan, H. T., Zhou, B., Kellock, A. J., Parkin, S. S. P., Chen, Y. L., Hesjedal, T., Harris, J. S., "Magnetic properties of gadolinium substituted Bi2Te3 thin films," Appl. Phys. Lett., 102(24), 242412 (2013). [more info]

  • Esfandyarpour, R., Javanmard, M., Koochak, Z., Esfandyarpour, H., Harris, J. S., Davis, R. W.,, "Label-free electronic probing of nucleic acids and proteins at the nanoscale using the nanoneedle biosensor," Biomicrofluidics, 7(4), 044114 (2013). [more info]

  • Gupta, S., Chen, R., Huang, Y. C., Kim, Y., Sanchez, E., Harris, J. S. Saraswat, K. C., "Highly selective dry etching of Germanium over Germanium-Tin (Ge1-xSnx): A novel route for Ge1-xSnx nanostructure fabrication," Nano Lett., 13(8), 3783-3790 (2013). [more info]

  • O'Sullivan, T.D., Heitz, R. T., Parashurama, N., Barkin, D. B., Wooley, B. A., Gambhir, S. S., Harris, J. S., Levi, O., "Real-time, continuous, fluorescence sensing in a freely-moving subject with an implanted hybrid VCSEL/CMOS biosensor," Biomedical Optics Express, 4(8), 1332-1341 (2013). [more info]

  • Dutt, B., Lin, H., Sukhdeo, D. S., Vulovic, B. M., Gupta, S., Nam, D., Saraswat, K. C., Harris, J. S., "Theoretical analysis of GeSn alloys as a gain medium for a Si-compatible laser," IEEE J. Select. Topics Quantum Electron., 19(5), 1502706 (2013). [more info]

  • L. F. Lastras-Martınez, R. Herrera-Jasso, N. A. Ulloa-Castillo, R. E. Balderas-Navarro, A. Lastras-Martınez, Angie C. Lin, M. M. Fejer, James S. Harris, "Optical characterization of orientation-patterned GaP structures by micro reflectance difference spectroscopy," J. Appl. Phys., 114, 173504 (2013). [more info]

  • Gao, L. F., Huo, Y.J, Harris, J. S., Zhou, Z. P., "Ultra-compact and low-loss polarization rotator based on asymmetric hybrid plasmonic waveguide," IEEE Photon. Techn. Lett., 25(21), 2081-2084 (2013). [more info]

  • Seongjae Cho, Hyungjin Kim, Byung-Gook Park, and James S. Harris, Jr., "Si/Ge/AlGaAs heterojunction high hole mobility transistor," , The 8th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices (ICAMD), Jeju, Korea (2013). [more info]

  • Young Jun Yoon, Seongjae Cho, Jae Hwa Seo, Eou-Sik Cho, Shin-Won Kang, Jin-Hyuk Bae, Jung-Hee Lee, Byung-Gook Park, James S. Harris, Jr., In Man Kang, "Design of AlGaAs/InGaAs Heterojunction Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor for Low-Standby-Power and High-Performance Application," , 2013 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM), Fukuoka, Japan (2013). [more info]


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